Stone Crusher Plant for Gem Mining2018-11-17

Summary:Gem stone Mining OperationAlluvial gemstone mining can work anywhere there is a deposit of gravel, or virtually anywhere you want to dig even in your own backya

Gem stone Mining Operation

Alluvial gemstone mining can work anywhere there is a deposit of gravel, or virtually anywhere you want to dig even in your own backyard. This does not mean that gemstones are common they're not, but your chances of finding a valuable gem is as good as not.

The simplest form of alluvial gem mining is "Artisimal" mining. This was the type of mining depicted in the recent movie, "Blood Diamonds." Although in many places it has been modernized by using heavy equipment, and gravel processing machinery of many types in other places it is still being practiced the sane way it was in the bible.

Gem Stone Crushing Operation

In gem stone mining operation, drilling and blasting are used to remove stone from the earth for crushing. Gem stone is generally crushed in two or three stages: primary, secondary and tertiary crushing. The crushing process often involves one or more phases of screening to classify the different particle size.

The feeder delivers the rock material to the crusher. The crusher breaks the rock into smaller grain size. The pirmary jaw crushers can break boulders that are about one cubic meter in size. From the crusher, the rock material is dropped onto the main conveyor that moves the end product upwards and then drops it into one big pile or into the feed hopper of the secondary crusher.

Stone Crusher Plant for Gem Mining

SBM is global supplier and manufacturer of rock crushing equipment. We developed complete series of crusher machine for large, medium and small scale crushing operation in quarrying, mining, recycling and construction applications, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher, VSI crusher etc.

SBM stone crusher plant for gem mining is available in stationary, portable and mobile applications. They are suitable for all primary, secondary and tertiary crushing needs from mining to contracting, and from extremely hard rock to recycling materials. If you are interested, please chat online with us for more information.

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