cone crusher

HP Cone Crusher

HP Cone Crusher is a high-performance machine which our company adopt Germany technology and develop with the world’s advanced level. It not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, produced from the stone to a variety of ore crushing, high efficiently finish all kinds of crushing , fine, super finely homework. HP Cone Crusher is the latest generation of products to replace alternative spring cone crusher and mine replace hydraulic cone crusher in construction industry and it is the most ideal equipment for large stone material factory and mining breaking. The unique crushing chamber replace system can quickly replace components in crushing chamber to meet different size requirement.

Products Features

  1. Pyramid broken make the product a cube,which shape is perfect.
  2. Can effect comparing is high, high grinding efficiency, less wearing parts consumption, low operating costs.
  3. Main shaft turned stationary instead of floating,which lead to a bigger carrying capacity and compact structure.
  4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic pressure cavity clear high degree of automation to reduce downtime.
  5. Adjust the discharging mouth by the hydraulic motor instead of driving cylinder,which ensure continuous stable.
  6. Spiral bevel gear drive instead of straight bevel gear.High bearing capacity, stable transmission, low noise.
  7. Large distance of eccentricity,leading the finely effect is good,finely discharging mouth under high fine particle content.

Technical Data

HP Series Cone Crusher (Hydraulic)
Model Movable Cone Diameter (mm) Chamber Style Min. Discharging (mm) Max. Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
HPC220 1220 Coarse 19 210 185-300 220 Y2-355M1-4 2726×1950×2182
Fine 13 105 150-210
HPC400 1570 Coarse 30 290 400-500 400 Y3-4002-6 3447×2830×2977
Fine 16 135 260-400