coal mill

Coal Mill

Coal Mill is a skeleton type ball mill horizontal cylinder driven by an external gear, double chamber shaped body of revolution. Material to the first chamber after the feeding device by the hollow shaft. There are stepped lining board or corrugated liner in the compartment, and the influence of the cylinder rotation on the hard and abrasive materials of the ram is affected by the centrifugal force. In the first compartment of the coarse grinding, the material will enter the second chamber, which has a flat lining board, and a steel ball grinding material. Remove the powder material from the grid plate and finish the grinding. This coal mill is designed by our experts, according to collected advices from customers' long-term experiences. It takes the most advanced technology from European and the supply the customers with outstanding performance at low costs.

Products Features

  1. Bevel gear transmission: traditional mill need reducer and a ratchet wheel drive spindle, centering, prone to noise and lower efficiency. The mill uses the bevel gear as a whole transmission, compact overall structure and simplified installation and improve efficiency.
  2. Within the light oil lubrication system, the traditional lubrication of the coal mill is used for the lubrication of grease, increasing the lubrication resistance, producing a high inherent temperature, shortening the service life of the bearing. coal machine with light oil lubrication oil bearing lubrication pump, lubricating statio
  3. Arc vortex tube: the traditional coal grinding machine adopts the shape vortex tube, which increases the resistance, reduces the performance and prevents the air flow. MTW series of grinding coal machine with arc air duct resistance to reduce and avoid air stop, et
  4. The traditional coal grinding machine adopts the combination of quick grinding, edge and shovel. If the edges are worn, all the shovel should be changed, increasing the cost and stopping time. The wear resistant alloy material is used in the series of the multi - glycosides of the hook, which improves the advantage of the service life. Changeable edges are easy to change, save time and cost. The traditional flat shovel makes the material accumulate at one level, reduces the service life of the ring and roller. Surface shovel to increase the working surface and capacity of vertical material linin
  5. Isolated cyclone dust collector: the separation of the structure of the inner core and the flow of air between the mixture, improve the efficiency and accuracy of classificatio
  6. Non resistance to the intake housing: the case of the traditional observation of the door to highlight the internal surface of the eddy current effect caused by the smooth and increase consumption. Coal machine uses the same curved surface to avoid the eddy current effec

Technical Data

Coal Mill
Model specification (m) Capacity (t/h) Rotating speed
Transmission type Motor Reducer Weight(t)
Remark Model Power
Model Reduction ratio
φ2.2×3 5-6 22 Edge YR355M-8 185 ZD50 5 37  
φ2.2×4.4 8-9 22 Edge YR355M-6 220 ZDH50 6.3 46  
φ2.4×4.75 14 20.4 Edge YR400-8 280 ZD60 4.5 54  
φ2.4×4+2 10-12 20.2 Edge YRKK450-8 250 ZDY35580 4.5 59  
φ2.4×4.5+2 16-17 20.4 Edge YR4005-8 280 JDX-450 4.5 76  
φ2.6×4.8+2 9-10 20 Edge YRKK5002-8 400 RZD75 4.5 91  
φ2.6×5.25+2.25 13-14 19.7 Edge YRKK500-8 400 ZDY400-4.5-11 4.5 98  
φ2.8×5+3 8-10 18.9 Edge JRQ1512-10 480 MCD-70 3.55 107  
φ3×9 18-20 18.3 Edge YBKK5560-8 630 MBY560 5 124  
φ3.2×9.5 28 17 Edge YR800-8/1180 800 NFM710 6.3 140  
φ3.4×5.25+2.8 30 17.47 Edge YRKK-56-6 900 JDX-800 7.157 169 Exclude main transmission
φ3.8×7.25+3.5 41-43 16.7 Edge YR630-8 1400 MBY800 5.6 220