SCM Ultrafine Mill

[Feed size]: 10-20mm

[Production capacity]: 4-12T / h

[Applications]: widely used in paint, paper, paint, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries

SCM Ultrafine Mill is in the accumulation of a milling machine for many years production experience, to absorb the Swedish advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, and after years of testing and improvement and development of a new type of superfine powder (325-2500 meshes) processing equipment,. It is the crystallization of the Swiss advanced technology, is leading the world trend of the new mill products.

Products Features

  1. The new design of the grinding roller grinding curve, more to improve the grinding efficiency. In the case of finished product fineness and power, the production capacity is more than 40% higher than that of ball mill. The energy consumption of the system is only 30% of the air flow.
  2. The grinding roller and grinding ring are made of special material, which makes the use of the roller and the grinding ring is greatly improved. In the case of the same material and finished product fineness, the wear life of the damaged parts of the impact crusher and the turbine crusher is 2-3 times longer than that of the impact crusher, and the service life can reach 2-5 years.
  3. The use of the German technology to produce the cage type selection machine to effectively improve the accuracy of the selection, in addition, according to the user's output, fineness, the rate of screening can be carried out by a long cage type separator configuration. The product fineness can in 325 - 2500 orders of arbitrary regulation, disposable product fineness can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 mu m.
  4. Because no rolling bearing, no screws in the grinding chamber, there is no problem of the bearing and the sealing of the bearing. While the main part of the lubrication of the spindle, can be achieved in the external lubrication, 24 hours without stopping production.

Technical Data

SCM Ultrafine Mill
Name & Model XZM221 XZM232 XZM236
Ring roll number (pcs) 21 32 36
Working diameter (mm) Φ800 Φ900 Φ1000
Grinding rill and roller path number (pcs) 1X3 1×4 1×4
Revolving Speed (rmin) 230-240 200-220 180-200
Max feed size (mm) ≤10 ≤20 ≤20
Final size (mesh) 325-2500 325-2500 325-2500
Output (kgh) 400-4500 400-5500 400-7500
contour dimension (mm) 13000×3000×5800 14700×4800×8600 18000×4600×8600
Whole machine capacity (kw) 144-165 185-204 263-290
Main motor Model YB2-250M-4 YB2-280M-8 YB2-315L1-6
Power (kw) 55 45×2 110
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 750 990
Analytical engine (FM motor) Model Y180M-4 Y180L-4 Y100L1-4
Power (kw) 18.5 22 30
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Blower motor Model Y225M-2 Y250M-2 Y280M-2
Power (kw) 45 55 75
Rotate speed (rmin) 2940 2940 2940
Elevator Bucket model TH-200 TH-200 TH-300
Motor model Y100L-4 YB2-100L2-4 YB2-112M-4
Motor power (kw) 3 3 4
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Hammer Crusher Hammer Crusher model PC300×400 PC400×600 PC400×600
Motor model YB2-160M-4 YB2-180M-4 YB2-180M-4
Power (kw) 11 18.5 18.5
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Magnetic vibrating feeder Model GZ1F GZ1F  
Power (kw) 0.06 0.06  
Electrical machine Model     LS159×1050
Power (kw)     2.2
Discharge valve Discharge valve model ZJD-200 ZJD-200 ZJD-200
Motor model YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4
Power (kw) 0.75×2 0.75×2 0.75×3
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Pulse dust collectors Model DMC120-II model DMC144-II model DMC184-II model
Air compressor Air compressor Model KSH100D-7.5KW KSH240D-15KW KSH240D-15KW
Motor model YB2-132M-4 YB2-160L-4 YB2-160L-4
Power (kw) 7.5 15 15
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440