Crusher Machine

Crusher Machine In Malaysia

Jaw crusher machine is usually used as a rough break, the hard rock crusher for two times, the quality of the finished product, the output. Screening vibrating feeder in continuous and uniform feeding at the same time, you can waste concrete to remove dirt and impurities. Screening unit selection of vibrating screen, dust pulse dust collector and installation of automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment in a shaker with effective control of dust pollution. In the dust, while the completion of the material for the cleaning of the spray equipment. In order to control the noise, the main engine equipment design, greatly reducing the noise, in line with the requirements of environmental protection. In addition, in addition to the unit of the installation of the broken steel, iron equipment, scrap concrete reinforcement, remove.

Working Principle of Crusher Machine

Center feed port into the high-speed rotation of the rotor is fully accelerating and launch out of the mouth, first rebound after freely around the vortex cavity lining falls to the effects of swirl shaped material part of the material, and the impact, to bounce back to the top of the crushing cavity, partial steering motion, the formation of a continuous material curtain, and from the effects of the impeller material, finally from the hospital issued. The center and the ring falls into the hopper: the material is supplied to the material, and then through the annular hole, it is the two unit of the bulk material plate. A unit divided tray into the impeller of high-speed rotation, another from lining the periphery of the plate down, into the impeller material were quickly in the impeller speed bulk material for acceleration, firstly focus on another part of the freedom of the material falling impact crushing plate, and the impact to the scroll shaped around the eddy cavity lining material, the first rebound to top of the crushing cavity, deflected after exercise, forming a continuous screen materials and impeller material affected the emission from the discharge.

Products Features

  1. Water drop structure, with elegant structure, high grinding efficiency.
  2. Directly connected motor, with large capacity, low energy consumption.
  3. The maintenance door is made of a guide rail structure, which is simple and easy to operate.
  4. Special process, with long service life.
  5. The grinding chamber is optional and the grinding efficiency is high.
  6. U- shape grinding groove in the grinding chamber, with the improvement of the efficiency of the bottom of the 50-80%.
  7. Dead knife optional, can improve the grinding efficiency.
  8. Rotor dynamic balancing test, which can ensure stable operation, long service life

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